We are a software engineering and innovation consultancy.

About Us

Product Labs is a next-generation Software Technology & Innovation Consultancy. We provide cutting-edge technology solutions for our clients through consultancy, prototyping & innovation. We value partnerships, collaboration and innovative ideas.

Our Services

Software Engineering

We build smart applications and products in collaboration with brilliant people at your organisation. Our consultancy business has delivered applications and products for diverse industries, such as; Automotive, Banking & Finance, Telecommunications, Energy & Smart Homes (IoT).

Software Prototyping

Are you looking for proof of concept that validates your business opportunity, reduces development costs, reduces time-to-market and minimizes development risks? Then our rapid prototyping solution is for you.


We develop our own products, in collaboration & partnership with various organisations that are as excited about innovation as we are. We innovate under our umbrella platform of empowerment through technology. We identify problems and solve them through technology. This way, we make products that empower people by improving their lives. We are on the lookout for partnerships and collaboration with organisations, big and small, across the globe.

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